by Valorie Luther

HPV Vaccine: A Child’s Journey

HPV Vaccine: A Child’s Journey

I held off for what felt like a long time…I said no to my daughter getting the HPV vaccine.  But like thousands of parents out there, I listened to the doctor as she pushed and pushed for it, and so I finally said yes.  One dose, then the second dose (they recommend three doses) and it was after that second dose in 2013, that everything started to fall apart.

After multiple health issues started to appear (and the list is long) where the doctors could explain and treat some but could not account for all, it was January of 2016 when I saw this Facebook post from a mom who had just lost her daughter due to complications from Gardasil (make sure you read the comments) and then I put 2 + 2 together…my daughter also had serious complications due to the HPV vaccine.

From there I gathered research.

From the Fearless Parent (who also provided the picture) and other sites, I discovered some very upsetting facts about HPV:

Vaccine Impact also has alarming stats.

So what was next?  Well I thought about suing…how else could I and others elicit change for all?  But then I learned about the Vaccine Court, how you can’t sue the pharma companies (it’s against the law), and how you petition and negotiate to get compensated from the US government.  I called multiple lawyers who specialized in the dealings of the vaccine court and they couldn’t represent me.  Why not?  Because not enough official research had come out at the time about the HPV vaccine and so it was me vs. the government. Fighting an uphill battle where I would absolutely loose seemed to be a given, so I cut my losses, pivoted quickly and asked myself, how I could lessen the effects of HPV on my daughter’s body.

I did more research and found a list of elements in the HPV vaccine (which appears to have be taken off line as of this date)…metals (the strongest aluminum adjuvants were used in the HPV vaccine to be precise) were a big factor no doubt.

Next round of research for me was focused on how one might remove heavy metals from your system.  I studied multiple sites from Goop to Dr. Axe to name a few (not medical sites but they had valuable info nonetheless), came up with a list of ingredients that, together, might do some good in eliminating these toxic metals, considered my teen daughter’s need for something palatable and created a detox smoothie that I believe got her back on a path to wellness. Don’t get me wrong, this did not cure her of all her issues as she, and probably everyone in our family, is predisposed to certain things but it did get rid of the unexplained and has provided an opportunity for her body to heal and get stronger so she can fight her genetic weaknesses of thyroid issues. Please note I am not a doctor but for all you parents out there dealing with a child’s sickness, we get educated on the issues concerning our kids pretty quickly, right?

Today I would like to share my heavy metal detox smoothie recipe with you.  Again, I am not a doctor, I am not making any claims nor will I say this will cure anyone of anything so do check with your doctor to make sure this is ok for your child, however I am a mom who has fought for my daughter and found a solution that helped her back on the road to recovery.  I am hoping the same for you and your child…here is my smoothie recipe:


Blueberry Almond Heavy Metal Dextox Smoothie



2 teaspoons spirulina (I used Pure Hawaiian Spirulina pacifica)

2 teaspoons barley grass juice extract powder (I used Green Magma)

2 tablespoons dulse flakes

1 cup, slightly over actually, unsweetened vanilla almond milk (got this at Whole Foods)

1 banana

1 cup fresh cilantro (minus the stems)

handful of fresh spinach

1 cup of frozen maine blueberries (I used Wyman’s of Maine which came from Whole Foods)

Directions: blend it all and drink one time per day for two weeks straight; don’t do this detox shorter than two weeks and with no breaks but also no longer than two weeks.  




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