by Valorie Luther

4 Tips For a Healthier Pet (Pumpkin is the Secret!)

4 Tips For a Healthier Pet (Pumpkin is the Secret!)

So I headed over to our local dog store and to my amazement, they didn’t have the dog food I always buy.  I happened to talk to the right guy at the right time and boy did I learn a lot:

  1. I found out the dog food I was buying, even though they claimed to be all natural, organic and super healthy, put a lot of grains in the food (not great for humans…not great for pets) so that was out.
  2. Once we found the right food, I let him know our dog had a sensitive stomach and he told me to give her 1 tablespoon (she is small) of pumpkin for a week in her food to help her adjust.
  3. I did just that and some magic happened.  I could tell she was a whole lot happier and healthier.
  4. I did some research and found out that pumpkin for the long term is good for urinary and digestive health for cats and dogs and helps regulate weight so of course I continued.  Our dog now gets organic pumpkin daily…and she is a happy camper!

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