by Valorie Luther

Easiest Chicken Recipe on the Face of the Earth!

Easiest Chicken Recipe on the Face of the Earth!

Due to hypothyroidism and worse, Hashimotos disease, I eat a dairy free, gluten free and sugar free diet.  Yup, I am sure you gasped like so many others once I shared this piece of news but it’s much easier than everyone thinks.  I eat rice, potatoes (no, rice and potatoes don’t have gluten…only grains like wheat do), fruits, vegetables, chicken, fish, meat and eggs (no, eggs aren’t dairy even though they are in the dairy section).

Once I was diagnosed but before I could do a lot of research on cool recipes, I came up with this super easy chicken dish that takes a short time, requires few ingredients and tastes super good (and ahhhh, kid approved!).  Full disclosure: I am not a recipe creation guru so the great thing about this recipe is each ingredient usage is based on how little or how much YOU like it so decide how much of each you want to use.  Here you go:


  • 2 pounds chicken breast (or however much it takes to feed you and/or your family); thin sliced (but not tenders) or get the full breast and pound it down to a thinner height
  • Gluten free soy sauce (I use San-J Tamari)
  • Fresh cracked pepper
  • Favorite herb (dry or cut up fresh) like parsley, sage or cilantro
  • 1 teaspoon olive oil


  • Spread the chicken out in a line on a surface that you can easily clean up later…make sure it’s clean
  • If you need to flatten the chicken breast, this would be the time to do it; if you already have thinly sliced chicken, move to the next step
  • Sprinkle or crack black pepper over each breast
  • Sprinkle your herbs over each breast
  • Sprinkle soy sauce over each breast (unlike the pepper and herbs, go lightly with the soy sauce because too much can overpower the overall dish)
  • Press or pat all ingredients into the chicken with your hand
  • Flip each chicken breast and repeat the above
  • In a saucepan, heat up the olive oil
  • Once olive oil is warmed, add the chicken breasts to the pan and cook until they are brown on each side and cooked through (about 5 minutes per side based on a thinly sliced breast)
  • Take them out of the pan quickly so you don’t overcook them and serve with your favorite pasta or rice and vegetable

Boom…gluten, dairy and sugar free chicken recipe…paired with rice and steamed veggies, you are home free!  Enjoy!

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